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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

John Foster's writing tips

An esteemed colleague recommended I read some articles by John Foster, author of Effective Writing Skills for Public Relations and regular contributer to the CIPR's magazine Profile.

So I did, and it was good. Here are some tips he wrote on PR writing. Most articles like this are tough going - but this one avoids the standard traps of being dull and patronising.


Drew B said...

THE John Foster?! Didn't realise he was a writer too. Thanks for the tip, learned coleagues.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Copypunk,

John Foster also recommends writing an email as formally as you would regular copy.

Whilst I personally approve of this - being ancient and 'esteemed' - it implies emails are a substitute for a well written letter.

They are not. Nothing's yet replaced the frisson, or value, of receiving important mail through the post.

My favourite writing tip works equally well for snail mail or email: 'An eight word sentence is easy to understand."

Keep it short.

Yours sincerely,