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Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Jack Bauer goes green? What's going on with 24?

Every popular news outlet is loving the '24 goes green' story. It's one of my favourite mindless TV programmes, so I immediately tuned in.

For those that missed it, Fox has decreed that the last episode of the next series of 24 will be carbon neutral. Cue a Channel 4 reporter superimposing herself into the CTU control centre (dubbed Counter Global Warming Unit - heh) and making crap jokes about turning the heating down. And talking of crap jokes, Mark Austin just started his report with "Previously on 24...", mimicking Jack's classic episode recap script. Hmm.

Most people will have spotted that 24 is generally about screwing the planet in favour of running over terrorists in massive black SUVs (we call them 'Four by fours' in little old England, where they look like this).

In my view this is a smaller step for Murdoch than Sky becoming a fully carbon neutral company. It's just one episode, after all.

So, has 24 grown a conscience? Will it stop it's hugely stereotypical portrayal of villains and ridiculous explosions? Will Jack ever fall for a girl more than half his age?

Or is this just an indicator of the greenwash in full effect?

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