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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

What Wayne Rooney might look like as a nun

The red tops are always publishing 'artist's impressions' of the topics of rubbish news stories.

Slow news day? Let's publish a pic about what Prince Harry might look like as a builder. Story about Wayne Rooney giving up booze? Here's what he might look like as a nun. Today, there was news that Posh might wear a fat suit for her appearance in Ugly Betty. Luckily The Star's talented art department were on hand to graft her head onto Bubbles Devere from Little Britain. Hilarious.

But what gives Engadget the right to present us with the image of a smouldering Nokia battery following the news that some of them might overheat, without so much as a nod to the fact that the picture's been cooked up via the magic of computers?

Is it because it's a blog, and therefore above the ethics that govern a traditional news outlet?

Have they hidden a disclaimer somewhere to let the less informed readers know it isn't actually a Nokia battery on fire? Or do they just not give a stuff?

It gets better - the image is an amalgamation of this image and this image - both early Google image searches for 'smoulder' and 'nokia battery'. While the battery image appears to be a Nokia corporate shot (and OK to use for press), the second is a private, copyrighted image by a Belgian media student.

I hope Engadget gave him some money for it.

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