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Saturday, 10 November 2007

iPhone update

Day two. Been fiddling with the iPhone. A lot.


Almost everything. Just look at it.


Slow-ass syncing. Like, unbelievably slow.
Indirect music updating (you have to create a playlist... I think).
The other person is slightly muffled on phone calls (but I will get used to it).
Sometimes forgets my home wifi password.
Music video quality - I thought the picture would be better having paid £1.79 for a video?
No built-in RSS reader - any suggestions about how to get around it?
No ringtones! The ones shipped with it are terrible. TERRIBLE!

The only other thing that miffs me is that I was going to switch to Safari on my MacBook to ease bookmark syncing - but it's just so awful I can't do it.


Marcel said...

I reckon you need http://www.iphonefeedreader.com/ to read your RSS feeds

Alex Pullin said...

Apparently they are pretty rubbish for sending SMS messages too. I've been told you should just get an iPod Touch and continue using your normal phone, what do you reckon?