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Sunday, 19 August 2007

Righteous additions to the vault

PR Blogger aka Righteous Brentano aka Social Media Manager at webitpr aka Stephen Davies has been busy.

Not only has he scrubbed up nicely to appear in this new PR vault video...

But he's also been bullying - sorry 'encouraging' - colleagues to start blogging... The result? t'Internet PR & Advertising2.0.

(Good luck Giles, and welcome. Although you should try and keep weekend blogging in check in case it takes over your... Oh.)


Stephen Davies said...

Heh! Giles did I bully you? Er, Giles? ... Giles?

Giles said...

Hi Jon, thanks for the mention! It was more of a suggestion from Stephen...honest.

Just getting my head around this, hopefully I might have something interesting to say soon!

Anonymous said...

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