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Monday, 20 August 2007

#81 and #95

Press play, then read this post. It will help.

Paul HardcastleThe Wizard

The Friendly Ghost's August PowerPR Index sees my old blog clogger sliding 20 places to 81. Copypunk is a new entry, entering the chart at 95. And there's been no change at the top, with Micro Persuasion a non-mover, holding on to the number one slot for another month.

I love charts. Bring back Top of the Pops, I say.


Stephen Davies said...

I never knew that was Paul Hardcastle.

I always thought he was a one hit wonder with 19. wcfpfps

Jon said...

Rookie mistake. The man has an Ivor Novello award and has sold millions of albums.

Mind you, he's no Jan Hammer.