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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

How social media saved the press release

We've just done some research with independent researcher (and company whose name makes me feel slightly queasy) BrainJuicer of 150 CEOs.

The results are posted on LEWIS 360, but the fact that 117 of them said PR was an 'integral business function' while the majority of PR budgets are on the up (two thirds of them said they've increased their PR budget this year) can only be a good thing.

I'm interested in social media's place in changing perceptions. Following the 'death of the press release', many people said the advent of social media meant the humble press release was over. After all, if people were happy to make up their own minds via peer-to-peer online conversations, who needs PR?

But, according to the results of the survey, 'almost two thirds' (not sure what that means but will ask the marketing team for the actual result) think web 2.0 has made PR a 'more visible process'.

I suppose we can extrapolate the fact that this has lead to the fact that CEOs - who like measurable, transparent process and benefits - are therefore happier to spend money on it?

Hang on a minute... Has social media saved the press release?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Surely 'news release' would be a more accurate description?

The press denotes just newspapers, and who'd settle for coverage only in those now we have so much social meeja and broadcast opportunities to enjoy in Web2.0 world.

Social media saved the news release, rather than the press release.