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Monday, 10 September 2007

BBC iPlayer - the cloud crowd strikes again

It's almost as if the web is fulfilling its potential as an champion of ordinary people.

No sooner does HSBC reverse its decision on charges for graduate accounts (thanks to 5,000 Facebook users), that a 16,000-strong e-petition results in the Government stepping in to demand that the BBC rework its crappy iPlayer so that it works on Macs.

Here's part of the response from Number 10:

"The BBC Trust made it a condition of approval for the BBC's on-demand services that the iPlayer is available to users of a range of operating systems, and has given a commitment that it will ensure that the BBC meets this demand as soon as possible."

As a fan of the Beeb and all it represents, the thing that disappoints me is that it got so far. The bad feeling towards the iPlayer has been loud and persistent.

Surely someone there should've spotted the pending problem and sorted it earlier?

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